Let it snow, but keep your toes!

Working in all sorts of weather, including snow, can be tricky. We are always working outside so preventing frostbite is part of our safety routine. Bundling up with warm clothes, thick socks, and gloves is as crucial as wearing a safety vest!

Do you know the first stage of frostbite is called Frostnip? The signs of Frostnip are subtle and are not permanent: cold hands, pale or reddish skin, and numbness. If you are experiencing this, go get warmed up and stop the process!

Ironically, although it's due to the cold, burning is a sign that frostbite is starting to take effect. Once progressed to Frostbite, permanent damage can occur, including losing the use of the frostbitten area.

How to avoid this is to keep your extremities covered, stay dry and warm, stay hydrated, and keep snacking! Snacks not only are delicious, but are the key to having a constant supply of body heat.

Stay warm!

Fun Fact!

Did you know that trenchless excavation, our specialty, is actually considered to be healthier to the environment then other forms of construction excavation?

It is less invasive to the environment and causes minimal ground disruption. When you consider the cost of having to tear down trees, uproot sidewalks and roads, and even knock down or take the long route around's much cheaper!

Going green, while Saving green! Best of both worlds!